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Ciutadella is the second biggest city of the island of Menorca with appr. 22.000 inhabitants and was hundreds of years the capitol of the island, until 1722 the English government changed the capitol to Mahon. But Ciutadella have been until today the city of the Klerus (seat of the bishop) which is showing the nice and beautiful city palaces.

Looking from the harbour Ciutadella is showing its impressing side, the city with the cathedral the townhouse and with all the nice houses everything is looking inviting and friendly.

In the old town you can find gotik gate sheets (named: „ses voltes“) where you can have a relaxing walk through the city with all their bars, shops and restaurants. A lot of shops, specially the shoe shops have a tradition of hundreds of years, they are well known outside of the borders of Menorca. Use your dive free day to have o lot of fun in Ciutadella !

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