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Menorca Impressionen, ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf das, was Euch hier bei uns beim Tauchen erwartet:

The 40 different dive spots are located all around the island, depending on the weather conditions we decide daily where we will dive. The difficulties of the dive spots are from easily for absolutely beginners up to very fastidiously for experienced divers.

Here are some examples:

Pont de´n Gil

The most attractive underwater cave of the balearic islands, directly in front of our home. Big and easy underwater entrance in a depth of 12 metres. A few metres after the entrance the cave is expanding to a cathedral. Over us is a big air bubble and this beautiful cave can be entered only by divers. It is showing us a wonderworld of uncountable stalagmites and stalagtites. Starting form the anchor place of the boat you can dive inside of the cave or through an gate sheet. You will find groopers, murrays, octopussy, sea breams and jack fishes and on the sandy ground you can see sting rays and sometimes also the absolute rarely Mediterranean trigger fish…

Punta Quintana

Tunnels, gate sheets, canyons, caves, impossible to explore during only one dive !!! Scorpion fishes, conger eels, shrimps and in spring time also different kind of cancers. As well you can find big shells up to a size of 1 metre…

Barakuda Reef

Located in the north of the island, the anchor is fixed in a depth of 12 metres, from here we start to the reef in a depth of 6 metres with a lot of murrays. The drop off behind the reef is falling down up to more then 30 metres, here you can see groopers, different kind of corals, jack fishes and shrimps. The name of the reef is right: Nearly always you can find barakudas, sometimes “only” 35 up to 50, but often also more then 100. We can dive inside of the school and it´s appr. possible to touch them…

Cap de Baňos

This dive spot we can reach after only 15 minutes by boat. The maximum depth is between 10 and 26 metres. In a depth of only 4 metres you can find the entrance into a cave which is expanding after a few metres to a very nice canyon. The water surface is shining in a deep blue colour. Inside of the cave you can find shrimps, cancers and conger eels. Outside around the anchor place is a wild countryside with different kind of fishes like sea breams, groopers and barakudas.

Cala els Morts

This dive spot we can reach only by car with our van after a ride of appr. 45 minutes. This one of the few spots which you can reach only by diving from the shore. It´s a small bay whre a fantastic reef is located inside. In a depth of 30 metres is a sandy ground where you can find white gorgonies and where are flunders as well. In a depth of 20 metres is an entrance of a big cavern. It looks very nice and has a lot of holes where you can dive through, that´s why English diver magazines call it “swiss cheese”. Here you can see snails, sea breams and shrimps.


Following the anchor rope during ascending we will dive down up to appr. 30 metres, until we reach the wreck of the Malakoff. The deepest point of the wreck is in a depth of nearly 40 metres. In former times the wreck was destroyed with dynamite by professionell Spanish divers to rescue the content of the ship. Today you can find only the skelett of the ship, but it doesn´t matter, because you will always find big schools of fishes there like barakudas, giant sea breams with a size of more then 1 metre, very big groopers up to a size of 1.20 metre, monk fishes and so on. This dive is a must for experienced divers !!!
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